My idol teacher when i was in senior high school…

I have many idol teachers, but i have the best idol teacher,she is mrs.Endang. She teaches chemistry,she teach her students very slowly. So her student understand her learn.If her students didn’t understand her lesson. She was repeatedly to teach us. I Think, she is not only the best teacher, but she also the best mother for her children. She often tell me about her way to learn her children to become the best student. And she always make me amazed. She is very attention with healthy. She often tell me about the good healthy. So that i said that she is the best mother. Mrs.Endang always come to my class to teach us on time. She seldom come late. Moreover she never come late and seldom absent. She is very respect the time. Mrs. Endang said to us that in the world clever and stupid was never to have. But diligent and lazy was to have. So if i want to become the clever student, i was diligent to study about anything provide that usefull to our life. So clever student and stupid student was never to have. But the diligent student or lazy student was to have.

Karya saat masih sekola d suruh guru bikin karangan…he, lumayan…^_^


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